Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wow! I'm a racist!!! Cool, huh?

Proper English’ op-ed revealed author’s racism

What an interesting Opinion piece by Peter Huston in the Jan. 24 Gazette (“White-black speech differences is a subject that we ignore”). When I say interesting, of course, what I mean is amazingly racist.
Now I’m sure Mr. Huston feels he has his bases covered by pointing out that we would all love to live next door to Bill Cosby, and that we have Mr. Obama for our president; so of course he can’t be racist, as he recognizes these prominent black people. Well, Huston, we have a problem.
Sadly, he is under the belief that the inability to speak “proper English” belongs solely to the blacks of America. Apparently Mr. Huston, who goes on to call this speech everything from ebonics to ghetto-speak, has never actually been to the “ghetto.”
Allow me to educate him on the defi - nition of ghetto. The ghetto was originally a quarter of a city in which Jews were forced to live, an idea originating in Italy. It has since come to mean any area of the city where a minority lives. Mr. Huston, please note the lack of any of the following words: black, Negro, African-American, colored person, or any of the other colorful terms in your piece. If you’d actually been to a ghetto, you’d see they are not merely populated by blacks — you might even take off the race-colored glasses long enough to notice the white people there!
In addition to Mr. Huston’s selective vision, he apparently suffers from selective hearing, as he has apparently never heard the number of white people who cannot properly use the English language.
If Mr. Huston would like to know the solution to the “speech difference” problem, I would suggest he take a hard look in the mirror, and he may recognize that his own racist assertions are quite an affront to the English language, too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Troublesome Bookstore / Bookbuyer




One of the activites I am involved in is selling books second hand through the mail. Should you do this watch out.

I've been doing this for over a year now and so far have had two complaints of books not arriving. They both came from this man. The first time he dropped the complaint. We'll see what he does this time. Should anyone really care, aside from that I have a 4.9 out of five star rating based on the fourteen folks who left feedback on my services. (I do try and do a good job.)

So here's the man who says I did not send him books (twice). He is the only man anywhere who has ever claimed I did not send him books. I do not know why he orders books and then claims he does not receive them. Fortunately, however, this a problem that seems to be unique to him.

Bruce Sardinia, age 51 or 52

He is involved with a company called
Southern Book Services

or Southern Book Warehouse

or Book Warehouse

The orders use this address.

4360 NW 135TH ST

This is his phone number:
(305) 681-3424

This is his e-mail address: (although he used a different one last time.)

[NOTE ADDED ON MORNING OF 1-26-10: I admit when I put this up I wondered if it was an over-reaction. However, since then this blog has started getting hits on this bookstore and its address at about a rate of one search every two days. It's a shame.]

Well gee, look what I found here. At least I know, I'm not over-reacting :



* Report: #425923

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Reported By: (SAN DIEGO California) This is a Ripoff Company! OPA-LOCKA Florida
... How come you dont respond to emails on Amazon?????
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4360 NW 135 ST
OPA-LOCKA Florida 33054
Phone: 305-502-5110
Web Address:

Category: Attorney Generals

Submitted: Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Last posting: Wednesday, May 27, 2009
I have the same experience. He "Dave" uses the same wording. Here is my postings...

02/18/09 Not Delivered: When will it arrive? Edit
No it has not! Okay! Feb 12th was 6 days ago! Okay! If is was shipped on Jan 12th (30 days ago) it would have gotten here by now. Okay! So give me my refund! Okay! You need to contact the USPS and have them track it. What am I supposed to do? Wait til President Obama is running for re-election? If it does show up (I doubt it) I will return it unopened.

02/18/09 (Customer Support Reply)
Sorry for this delay in delivery.
Please notice the ship date in red above. This is 100% accurate.
The shipping label was printed as:
Jerry Hutchins
P.O. BOX 84899
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92138, United States

Please take another look for this, as it should have arrived by now.
If not, please allow a little more time as most mail - even lost mail - eventually arrives.
If its returned to us for any reason, we will immediatly let you know.
Sorry again for this delay in delivery, but I assure you that the above shipping data is correct.
Please keep in mind that you will get delivery or get a refund - that is our guarantee and promise!
Thank you for working with us and sorry again for this problem,
Thanks, Dave

02/16/09 Not Delivered: When will it arrive? Edit
You can't do that! You say that it will get here on the 12th it is not here! So I want a refund! If someday it gets here I will send it back. I have purchased many books from Amazon vendors and this is the worst experience. I am neve buying anythng fro you ever!

02/15/09 (Customer Support Reply)
You may return anything at any time. We will post a refund within a day of receiving it, but the mail can be very slow, so please allow lots of time for the slow mail to arrive, and then we will post the refund.
If its being returned due to no fault of ours then we have to deduct the postage charges that we already used.
So we refund the full amount less the shipping/handling fees charged by AmazonUS.
This is the return address:
Book sales, 18520 NW 67th Ave, Suite #140 Miami, Fl 33015.
Thanks for you understanding that we cant refund till it arrives, and the mail can be quite slow.
Thanks, Dave

02/13/09 Not Delivered: When will it arrive? Edit
Well it is the 12th and no product. So I would like a refund on this order. I would like it to get it refunded back to my Amazon account since I bought it using a coupon. I will notify Amazon that I want a refund because I never got the product.

02/09/09 (Customer Support Reply)
Sorry for any slowness in delivery by the USPS. The mail can be slow, but we do everyting we can to hurry along your order.
Please notice the red text above as it does give accurate shipping and ETA details.
Please also notice the shipping address above as its what was printed on the shipping lable.
Please keep in mind that you will get delivery or get a refund - that is our guarantee and promise!
Thank you for working with us and sorry again for this problem,
Thanks, Dave

02/07/09 Not Delivered: When will it arrive? Edit
It is the 6th and I still have not received it. I think you should either send another one or refund my money throught Let me know so that I can notifiy myself.


02/02/09 (Customer Support Reply)
Please notice the red text above to see estimated delivery dates.
It was mailed via the USPS, from Miami FL, to:
Jerry Hutchins
P.O. BOX 84899
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92138, United States

Sorry if the mail seems slow. We shipped as quickly as possible, but when the mail is slow, it is out of our control.
Please allow the ETA time frames shown in red, and I am sure you package will arrive soon.

If it does not arrive by the ETA dates above, you will be fully refunded - but please first allow the full ETA time frames shown in red.
Thank you for your understanding and patience,

02/01/09 Not Delivered: When will it arrive? Edit
I have not received this order. I also emailed you two times via Now I see that it shipped on January 12th. Well it has not arrived.

01/10/09 (Event) Email Sent: Confirming order details and offering to edit address (IF) not correct

I also filed a claim with also for your pleasure I posted the domain registration below. Feel free to call or contact the DA in Flordia.

Whois Record


4360 NW 135 ST

OPA-LOCKA, Florida 33054

United States


Created on: 08-Mar-07

Expires on: 08-Mar-09

Last Updated on: 08-Mar-08

Administrative Contact:


4360 NW 135 ST

OPA-LOCKA, Florida 33054

United States

(305) 502-5110

Technical Contact:


4360 NW 135 ST

OPA-LOCKA, Florida 33054

United States

(305) 502-5110

Domain servers in listed order:



SAN DIEGO, California

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More like Teen spirit

Changes in this Blog

Having considered the matter, some changes in this blog are coming. This blog was originally intended to showcase and promote my writing projects. Then, when I made a decision to set the serious writing aside for a year and focus on other things, I began posting roughly once a week on refugee issues, Burmese refugee concerns and issues related to Burma (Myanmar), and events in that tragic nation.

My thought was that since refugees need a great deal of help, and many who work with them do not really know how to provide this help effectively, I could make a difference by providing a forum where people could find such information. I had, after all been working and volunteering with refugees and had seen many things that were done in a very poor and inefficient manner.

I'd still like to see this. I'd love to see this become a forum where such issues are actively discussed. However, few take the time to actually read the "how to run a furniture program" or "how to teach driving to refugee" articles. But again, and I genuninely mean this, should someone out there have a question on how to work with refugees that they think I can answer or share an opinion on, I'd love to help. Please write me. And if you think there's something along those lines that you'd like to share here, e-mail me and we'll talk. I'm open in principal to putting writings by others up here.

In the meantime, however, I'm getting a sense that blogs on refugees fall into roughly two categories. The first are the "anti-immigrant"/ "don't let them come here" blogs. Ideologically, they and I are generally not on the same page although I do think they serve a valid purpose because some refugee agencies, quite frankly, are poorly run and they don't police themselves. Whether it's through well-intended incompetence or just lack of experience, these places often are indeed a mess.

The other group of blogs are the "We must help the refugees" blogs. Most of these I've seen are the common sort of political blogs where someone comments on the newspaper. Some who follow this blog might recall an incident some months ago, where a young woman, a former refugee center volunteer, assured me there was no problem with domestic violence among refugees, at least none greater than anyone else, and then let it slip that she and her colleagues at that center had dismissed a former refugee from his volunteer position for stating that members of his own ethnic group had a serious problem with domestic violence. This was stupid, but it shows the sort of mentality that sometimes permeates refugee centers and leads to unrealistic programs. Personally, I was quite embarrassed when this incident made the pages of a couple of the right wing, anti-immigrant blogs.

I don't really have any interest in writing that sort of blog. There's doers and there's commentators and I try to be a doer.

These days I do a lot to help some refugees, a small number who I know personally and whose company I enjoy, and often the same ones who I convinced, cajoled and roped into volunteering to help me on the furniture van at the refugee center. They're usually young and often have no family here and lack experience in many bureaucratic and personal affairs. However, these matters are often proceeding in directions that are more a matter of individual problems and not the sorts of problems that people in other areas can generalize from.

I mean, do you really want to hear about me filling out motor vehicle department forms for someone who is young and new in this country and can't quite do it themselves? I don't think so, and even if you do, I don't think you're going to gain any new insights on the lives of refugees from reading about it, not to mention privacy issues as things slip from general sorts of common problems to more specific individual problems. Let's just say the folks who could not use an appointment book or change a light bulb last year, are now struggling through more complex bureaucratic and societal hassles as they adapt to life on this side of the world.

I also assist refugees through my activities teaching English as a second or other language and intend to continue doing that.

As for writing about general Burmese history and cultural affairs, I'd like to do that. However, time and other obligations generally preclude me from doing so. These obligations include not just school but other writing projects. And if I do decide to write about these issues, I must ask if there might not be a better forum to do it in.

In the meantime, I expect to keep this blog going. I expect to also use it to discuss more issues aside from refugees although refugee concerns will still be here. These will probably include my Peking Man digs history project, thoughts on skepticism (I am the author of two books on skepticism and strange claims) and other oddball issues that strike my fancy. Again, however, if there is something relating to issues that someone thinks I should cover, shoot me an e-mail and we'll discuss it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebrities for Burma

New Burma Human Rights Campaign

I just don't know what to make of this, but if it works, well, more power to it.
If sex-crazed, muppet-faced midgets will help, then Tia Tequila has the right idea.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Greetings! Where's the blog been?

Greetings people. I have been working hard on the Peking Man book. In the last month I've churned out 31,951 words on the project passing 100 pages (using 12 point Arial font, I could make more pages if I switched to courier.)

Between that, the academic program, trying to live a life or at least work towards living a balanced life, and actually helping out and hanging out with a few refugees here and there, there really hasn't been much done as far as writing about them or other subjects on the blog. We'll see what happens.

All the best, should you not see something on a refugee related topic that you think should be here, drop me a line and we'll see if I'm able to help. In the meantime, expect some things soon relating to the history of paleontology in Asia.