Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thought for the day

Interesting thought for the day. Many pro-choice types tend to be anti-death penalty, and many pro-life types tend to be pro-death penalty. Many of the Liberals I know claim these attitudes of the Conservatives are paradoxical and illogical. (Perhaps the Conservatives say the same thing about the Liberals. As I am more familiar with the faults of the Liberals, I am in a better position to criticize them.) Now many pro-choice types tend to be anti-self defense. Which means that they consider it ethical for a mother to terminate her unborn child's existence before the child has had the opportunity to do any wrong (and I'm actually not saying it's not, believe it or not), but they also think that if this same child grows up, rampages through my house raping, attacking and burning people and things, I don't have the right at that time to terminate their existence? Does that make any sense?