Sunday, July 2, 2017

Adventures in Slum Living -Episode 16 --Did Wayne Whitney break into my mailbox?

Well, with a little luck this series will end soon. Hopefully Wayne Whitney can then go away, hopefully drown himself in a river or something, and make the world a better place.

But there's always one more thing.

As mentioned, Wayne Whitney is a selfish and stupid man who does not wish to fix his apartments and instead let's them fall apart. Of course, he insists there's nothing wrong with these apartments, an assertion that I hope this series has allowed you to judge for yourself?

As mentioned, I periodically asked Wayne Whitney to fix his apartments. It wasn't like I had any choice in the matter. The front door had fallen off because he and his handyman had installed it improperly.

Now it's worth mentioning Wayne Whitney does not know how to fix things. Wayne Whitney hired a many named "Lewis" to assist with cleaning and fixing. Now, Wayne, well, Wayne's the kind of guy who calls up his tenants, makes jokes about how incompetent Lewis at fixing things, and then thinks his tenants will find this funny as they live under slum conditions and watch their domicile fall down around them.

But did Wayne Whitney break into my mailbox? (And, yes, this is a federal offense.)

First, Wayne Whitney and I clashed a number of times over the condition of the apartment and the fact that he had broken his promise to provide supplies to have it fixed up free of charge to him.

Second, Wayne Whitney had whined frequently about these clashes to my relatives, one of whom does his taxes.

Third, Wayne ultimately put an eviction notice on my front door.

Now, and here is the amazing thing, Wayne had put an eviction notice on my front door but had put the wrong name on it. Therefore he had tried to evict someone who did not live in the apartment. He did however, have my then girlfriend, the co-tenants name correct, despite my asking him to take her off the lease, as she was in Asia, and his refusing out of laziness. What this meant is that his eviction notice was laughably wrong. He could not take me to court with it, as my name was not on it, and he had tried to evict someone who was on the wrong continent and could not appear in court or have papers served upon them.

Nevertheless, faced with the choice of living in a shit hole with my life entangled with a shit head who specialized in renting shit holes as part of my life, I quietly decided the best thing to do was to move out.

Soon after, someone broke into my mailbox.

Now who had a motive to do so? First, there were three mailboxes on the front of the building and mine was the only one targetted. Therefore it was probably not a random act, but targetted at me. (you can see here two photos of the other mailboxes at the property, both untouched.)

Untouched Mailbox #1

Untouched mailbox #2  

Second, I am not in the habit of getting expensive deliveries. Therefore, I can not imagine who could possible have wanted to break into my mailbox, unless it was someone who had recently put something stupid in it and then wanted to takeit out. Could it be the same man who had put something stupid on my front door?

Third, the mailbox was broken into by someone using a power drill. Not only that but you can see that whoever did it was not terrible skilled at using a power drill.

So, we need someone who carries tools, but is not good at using them. Is there a suspect? Hmmm?

Fourth, we also need someone who would feel comfortable being heard using a loud powertool on the front porch of 16 Benson Street. Does such a person exist? Hmmmmm? 

Now, here's the clincher, Wayne Whitney has a large video surveillance system set up at 16 Benson Street. Now I'm not sure how I feel about the ethics or sensibilities of a sex offender taping everything around his property but his entire front porch is videotaped. There are signs clearly stating this. 

Now we need someone with a motive to target my mailbox, someone who does not know how to use tools well but carries them, who is comfortable drilling into a mailbox on the front porch of 16 Benson Street while knowing that he can easily be heard, while not caring if he was videotaped or not. Does such a person exist? Hmmmmmmmmmmm? 

And then pry it open in  a clumsy fashion using what appears to be a screw driver? Does such a person exist? Yeah, probably, but I'll let you figure out who that person might be. 

Note that this break in of my mailbox was reported to both the Albany City Police Department as well as the post office. 

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