Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thoughts on Trump's Victory

I think to some extent this election could be summarized as "business as usual" (Hillary) VS "great, unpredictable changes" (Trump).

So now we see what happens and we see how the system, the US people, and ourselves as individuals will respond to it. I think in the next four years, the USA will learn a lot about itself and the world will learn a lot about the character of the USA. l hope we make them proud. Not because we follow our new president, not because we resist our new president, but because we accept our new president as our new president, and work within the system to shape and guide and define his role in our lives, our government, and the world and work with him, within the system, when we should and work to limit his affect, within the system, we should do that as well.

The president is not a king or a dictator, and American Democracy is sometimes called "the great experiment." It is still evolving.

A shake up might not be a bad thing. OTOH, there are things that worry me about Trump. For instance, the xenophobia (or what looks to me as xenophobia) and his lack of respect for press freedoms. But I think our system has mechanisms in place to counter balance these things, and if we, as Americans, do the right thing, there will be changes but hopefully history will make us proud.

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