Saturday, November 19, 2016

Adventures in Slum Living: Episode Seven:The walls

Apartment Repair Fails: or My Idiot Landlord
Adventures in Slum Living
Turning the 
Episode Number Seven: The Walls 

I went to a social event today and someone asked me about this fine series. Alas, it'd be nice to say I moved on, but sadly Wayne B. Whitney, the landlord at 16 Benson Street in Albany is still out there, still renting property and still maintaining it badly. Someone please stop this man before he rents again. 

As mentioned I moved into this place I was in a situation where I needed and apartment, needed it fast, and the landlord, Wayne B. Whitney, had assured me he had a nice apartment. 

I should have left and run away when I looked at the walls, said, "What are you going to do about these?" and he responded by becoming offended and saying "What do you mean?" 

(Which, of course, led to our verbal agreement where he'd provide paint so I could fix the walls myself, an agreement he then rescinded.) So without further ado, a few pictures of walls.

A secction of wall, note the miscolored spots, the thick splotchy pain, the odd hue (which I have been told comes from putting gloss paint over flat paint --does Wayne Whitney know the difference between flat paint and gloss paint one must wonder?)  Details will come later.

A such loving care to detail on his property, Thank you, Wayne B. Whitney. Your tenants love you. 

This just irritates me. Notice the bad cauling job at the joint, the splotchy paint, the poorly attached trim, the hardware that is, well, jsut there with no rhyme or reason to it. 
This just should not be.

The light switch cover. Notice how it doesn't quite fit the paint underneath. A little bit of sanding and TLC would have made a big difference.

A bare nail hole and an unattended to paint bubble. Thank you, Wayne B. Whitney. 

Such a lovely wall. Thank you, Wayne. 

This is what I exposed to when I said "And what do you plan to do about this wall?"

And Wayne said, "What do you mean? What's wrong with this wall? Why are you insulting my apartment?" 

Yes, Wayne, there is nothing wrong with your apartment. In fact,  I am merely sharing these pictures so everyone can see what a nice place it is that you have provided your tenants.  

Details of a wall. 
If you think this looks nice, please see Wayne B. Whitney. He is often seeking tenants.

More details of a badly painted wall in need of some prep-work and priming. 

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