Sunday, November 27, 2016

Adventures in Slum Living: Episode 8 --I did not know you could do that with paint

Although I have now moved out of Wayne B. Whitney's 16 Benson Street, Second Floor apartment in Albany,New York, and live elsewhere, there's yet more to share about this sad experience. 

Although there were countless things that were just plain wrong with the place, none quite stand out so much as the paint. This man could do things with paint that few knew were humanly possible. Alas! He did them all be accident, but nevertheless he somehow did them and he did them in a spectacular fashion.  

For example, will someone please tell me what the heck is this? It was on the bathroom wall. 

Two more shots of, well, whatever it is, was, and is going to be. 

Just to -provide some context. 

And here we have a shot of the shower ring splashed with some long dried excess paint. 

This is the bathroom window frame. Can someone please tell me how one gets paint to do this?
It must take a lot of work. 

Another photo of the same bathroom window frame,
More details should someone wish to reproduce the effect elsewhere perhaps.

The bathroom light, lovingly decorated with paint and rust. 

And what bathroom wall is not complete without a rusty nail sticking out?

Yet another shot of another part of the same window frame.

Yet another window frame in the same bathroom. 

Alas, as stated, I have moved out of this shit-hole and I sorely hope yet somehow doubt that the place will be much improved before it is rented again. Sadly, however, I suspect that the ability to even see any of this as a problem lies outside the capabilities of Wayne B. Whitney, an Albany landlord who bristles and complains and really does not like it when people refer to him as a "slumlord." much more so the ability to fix it.

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