Thursday, October 27, 2016

Adventures in Slum Living --Episode 5 -- Turning the Heat Up on the Thermostat Box ---Wayne B Whitney's 16 Benson Street, Albany, New York Apartment

Apartment Repair Fails: or My Idiot Landlord
Adventures in Slum Living
Turning the 
Episode Number Five: Turning the Heat Up on the Thermostat Box

My landord, Wayne B. Whitney, has assured me that "there is nothing wrong with the apartment" at 16 Benson Street in Albany. Therefore I cannot imagine that he would mind if I share some pictures of it with the general public. 

Here we have several photos of the thermostats. As people will recall, I had a verbal agreement with Wayne Whitney where I would fix up his apartment in return for supplies. He rescinded on that agreement and refused to pay for supplies. Now, when I lived there with my girlfriend, I continued to do repairs nevertheless, so that she and I would be living in a nice  less awful place until we found something better. Alas, she moved out, I stayed a bit longer (although I am now moving out), and found myself arguing with the landlord about not just desirable repairs but essential repairs. --all of which he refused to do while making calls to one of my relatives with childish and unrealistic threats of evicting me. 

So here we have several photos of the bathroom thermostat. Enjoy!

Paint splashed over everything. As you can see, Wayne Whitney apparently has never heard of the use of masking tape prior to painting, nor has he grasped the concept of either using a rag to wipe paint clean before it dries or else, less desirable, of using a scraping tool to clean off paint from some surfaces after it dries. 


These are some random shots of the kitchen thermostat (I think) --same silly paint jobs.


Now I don't claim to be the world's greatest handyman, but I know something about it and am willing to learn more. Therefore I offer these two photos of the living room thermostat, the one that I cleaned up while painting one of my living room walls. 

Please remember THESE ARE THE ONES I FIXED AND CLEANED. The photos above are the BEFORE picture. The photos below are the AFTER photos which show the work I did to make the living room thermostat look better.

Here's the same thermostat box before I went to work on it. 

See, no splashed, ugly paint.

Not the best, but considering what I started with and a desire not to damage the underlying mechanism, not too horrible. 

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