Friday, May 8, 2015

Book Review: Fall Gelb (2) -- Osprey Campaigns 265

Fall Gelb 1940 (2) Airborne Assault on the Low Countries, Osprey Campaign, 265. 
Written by Douglas C. Dildy, Illustrated by Peter Dennis. Co. 2015, Osprey Publishing.  96 pages, widely illustrated in black and white with color prints. 

Scope – A single Campaign
Completeness – High
Appeal  - Low 
Accuracy - *

Osprey has released a pair of books describing how the Nazis over ran the democracies of western Europe in 1940. This book, the second of two volumes, tells more of the story. Previously, I wrote a review of the first volume. Basically what I wrote was that although a target audience for the book existed, and that target audience would be quite pleased with the volume, I thought, I was not part of that target audience and had difficulty judging the quality of the work. I found the scope too large and the text too detailed and too fact filled to easily follow the events that were described. I did, however, feel that to a reader with a better background in the campaign and the history, the book would be easier to follow and more useful. In short, it was not a beginner’s book and I was a beginner in understanding the period and the conflict.
                But what about volume two? Good news. For whatever reason I found this one easier to understand. Therefore, I enjoyed it more.
                Of course, it has the same great illustrations as its predecessor, the sorts of illustrations that Osprey is well known for. These include paintings, color photographs of modern battle sites, monuments, and museum displays, many black and white period photographs, as well as maps.  

                In conclusion, this is a good book for those seeking information on this campaign.    

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