Saturday, April 4, 2015

Update on the so-called writing career

Greetings world!! On the off chance people out there might actually include some fans of my writing, two projects are now underway. First, the amazing ambulance novel, current working title "Lights, Sirens, and Lots of Drunken Vomit" passed yet another halfway point --line of the day "Who wants a Christmas stabbing? Doesn't everyone want a Christmas stabbing?" Yes, it's Christmas Day 1986 in the Metro-Ace Ambulance Garage in Schenectady, New York.

Not only that, the classic book, "Scams from the Great Beyond" --arguably my most popular book-- is now on its way to getting back in print. AS there is no electronic version of the book, today I began the clumsy process of scanning it by hand. It'll be a while but step by step ( "di buki di buki" as they say in Burmese ) it should get done eventually.

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