Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teaching ESL in China -Random classroom management tips

 I teach at a Chinese university. I have everyone put their name on their desk and then I call on them all as often as possible. I make a special effort to call on the one's in the back. I especially call on them if I see them texting. I have not had people sleeping in my class. If they don't come to class for the majority of classes I fail them. I tell them all this in advance. I think this is what a good teacher does. 

I give out one e-mail address to students and encourage them to contact me if they have any problems. I think this is what a good teacher does. I also hold office hours. If nothing else, it alleviates my guilt when a student gets a bad grade. I was there to help them.They did not take advantage of it. 

I think once the students realize that I am serious about these things, they don't mind at all. 

I also lower grades for plagiarism. This, too, surprises them. I tell them I am serious about this but they never seem to believe me until I punish some of them. (In fact, i've had students plagiarize homework on why plagiarism is bad. In that case, I punished them and then told all my friends how stupid they were.)

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