Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quick update --

I'm now back in Shanghai where Í've been since 8-16-11. I've been having trouble accessing this blog due to the great firewall of China and some changes in my local internet provider that make it more difficult to circumvent these inconveniences.

Thailand was interesting. Due to health problems I did not get to do everything I wished to do, but I did get to do some things and spent time at a primarily Karen school and learned a bit about the situation for the estimated almost two million Burmese who live illegally in Thailand. Only about 10% of them live in refugee camps and the rest eke out livings taking what jobs they can and working off the books.

I'll try to write more later on a variety of subjects.

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  1. If people have questions about my time and experiences in Mae Sot Thailand, where I tried to understand the lives of Karen and Burmese migrants and refugees, please feel free to e-mail or post a comment. Thanks.