Thursday, May 7, 2009

Asia stuff: 19th Century Burmese colonial history

I enjoy nineteenth century history, especially when it deals with such things as the British in Asian. Something about pith helmets and rigid value systems excites me, I guess.

Therefore I just purchased this book. It's the sort of thing where if the title excites you, then you must have it and will consider it well worth the approximately $50 dollar price tag. I hesitated long and hard before ordering but when it finally arrived this afternoon, I just sighed and realized it was worth it. (Okay, I confess I have not read it completely yet, just skimmed and picked out passages but I can tell it will be good.)

BURMA AND INDO-CHINA (Armies of the Nineteenth Century: Asia)

# Hardcover: 207 pages
# Publisher: Foundry (July 2003)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1901543064
# ISBN-13: 978-1901543063


I saved a little bit by ordering from these people and was quite pleased with their shipping and service.:

If you like this stuff, this will also appeal to you and, best of all, it's free.

Chin-Lushai Land
By Adam Scott Reid
Published by Thacker, Spink and co., 1893
Original from Harvard University
Digitized Jun 13, 2008
235 pages

Downloadable as a pdf from:

By they way, although the Chin are a people of Burma who were known for slave-raiding until the British stepped in and put an end to it, they are not included in the above Foundry book. Instead, their culture, history and means of warfare are covered in the volume in the series on Northeast India, a volume I have never seen. Today the Chin have many problems and often become refugees.

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