Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random stupidity and strange thoughts on Jiverly Voong

Am I the only one out there who wondered what the heck kind of name is "Jiverly Voong?"

Although it sounds vaguely Asian, it sounded like nothing Asian I could put my finger on. I mean it sounded positively Barsoomian, the reference being to Edgar Rice Burrough's classic fantastic adventure series set on Mars. The natives refer to their home as Barsoom, the animals are dangerous and multi-legged and the people have funny names. Our hero, John Carter, for instance, rescues the princess Dejah Thoris from the evil genius Ras Thavas with the aid of his fifteen foot tall, four armed green warrior companion named Tars Tarkas. (It's a delightfully clunky early science fiction series that still has many fans today.)

Turns out that Jiverly Ving was one of a few names used by an overseas Chinese immigrant, probably former refugee, from Vietnam.

I've been to Vietnam, including Can Tho and Hue, where there are still many Chinese temples, although the Communists did their best to drive the overseas Chinese from their homes, and taxing them huge "exit fees" as they fled the country.

This stupid man should not have shot people with poor English because his co-workers taunted him, allegedly over his poor English. It makes no sense.

I did call up the woman who used to run the English teaching program at the center, a program I participated in by the way prior to working at the center, and thanked her for "hundreds of lives saved." She laughed, although she said the news was terrible, which, of course, it is.

Will we find him a violent video game enthusiast/addict who enjoyed simulated shooting of other people on his TV? Probably. I've read

Colonel Dave Grossman's books, "On Killing" and "On Combat," and appreciated them greatly. They both speak of a link between this sort of pointless, irrational behabior and violent video game use.

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