Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 7, 2008: The Manswers appearance four months later.

It's been four months since my appearance on national television on the TV show MANSWERS.

On one hand, few people can say that they were flown out to California on an all-expense paid trip to appear on national television. Personally, I don't think that's a bad accomplishment. It most certainly puts me as part of a small national elite.

It does, for instance, seem to be a sign of some sort of success, something that an author could put on his resume as a sign of accomplishments.

On the other hand, here's what I've discovered. After four months, three people in my circle of acquaintances, not counting those I told, saw me and recognized me.

These were one of the barmaids at the Saw Mill, the local biker bar where I sometimes hang out, a plumber who I do aikido with, and a local bodybuilder who is the only person ever who has encouraged me to consider steroids. (This was done subtly, years ago, once and then dropped, and is no big thing, but just so you know there is some anecdotal evidence that there may be a linkage between steroid use and watching Manswers. For the record, I do not use steroids and never have. I am very proud though that I can bench press 230 pounds without steroids.)

I have come to realize that, interesting though each of these people may be, and they are in fact interesting, lively people who make the world more interesting just by being themselves, none of them really read many books. Although I enjoyed the Manswers appearance, and would do it again, Manswers viewers do not seem to be readers and to go there to promote a book does not seem to make much sense.

I did, however, get to see L.A. again and get good Mexican and Vietnamese food, both of which I enjoy and both of which are hard to get in the Capital District and got put up in a nice hotel and did something few people get a chance to do, make a fool of myself on national TV.

And should you wish to see it again:


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