Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Refugee Stuff: Running a furniture program --defining the mission.

Basic overview.

I've decided to use the blog to share some of the experiences and lessons learned while running the refugee center furniture program. This will allow me to conveniently share the information with people who might wish it.

First, what does a refugee center (or other charity) furniture donation program do?

It finds people who have more stuff than they need. It then encourages these people to give the stuff away and not only to give it away for nothing but to do so in such a manner that they feel so good about it they tell all their friends what a wonderful experience this was and encourage them to do the same thing.

Then it takes this stuff and gives it to people who need it in working condition when they need it.

Memorize this grass-hopper. It's a very important concept and few people grasp it right away.

Remember! Take for nothing and make people happy about it so that you may give to people who have nothing!

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