Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quick Update: November 9, 2008

Just a quick note. I tend to throw myself into things in an obsessive manner, and when I do I often get neglect other things.

Therefore a quick update in several areas.:

1) Switched day jobs. I now work with recently arrived refugees assisting with furniture needs. It keeps me busy and is quite interesting. I spend a lot of time picking up and delivering furniture and just plain lugging couches up and down stairs is not easy.

2) Because of this I find myself trying to learn Burmese, a language that compared to Chinese is fun and easy. I am also required at times to communicate to French-speaking Africans. French is a language I have never studied, but get by with much pantomime and attempts at using other romance language words and so on. Anyway, both languages are improving.

3) I am working on turning my master's thesis into a non-fiction book on the rise of science, the rise of the West and how it led to the Peking Man digs in China in the 1920s.

4) I attended Albacon in October and appeared on several panels.

5) Still no word on when I will actually appear on Manswers, on the Spike TV channel. I do, however, keep a look out for the appearance and will try to let people know.

All the best. Peace.

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