Saturday, June 21, 2008

They faked their own deaths!

One of those odd, little subjects that catches my attention are people who qattempt to fake their own deaths. Of course, it only makes sense that I only hear of the one's who fail at this process, but it's interesting nevertheless.

It throws a spin on all those "He's (insert name of recently deceased celebrity) isn't really dead. He's just faked his own death" stories that you hear.

Last case I ran across was that of Hypatia Lee, 1980s porn star who sought to fake her own death, perhaps to raise the process on her own fan memorablia.

For thos interested, I present . . .

County DA protests parole in grave-robbing insurance scam

Posted: June 20, 2008 05:16 PM

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) -- Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley is protesting the parole of a woman imprisoned for her involvement in an insurance fraud scheme with her husband.

Molly Daniels, 25, was sentenced in May 2005 to 20 years in prison for insurance fraud and 10 years in prison for hindering apprehension of her husband, Clayton Wayne Daniels, 27.

"This criminal robbed a grave to create a cover for her sex offender husband," Bradley said in a press release. "Any early release is too soon."

On June 18, 2004, the Daniels' burning car was discovered off an embankment in Burnet County. A body found inside the vehicle had been burned beyond recognition, but Molly Daniels identified her husband's shoes in the car.

A memorial service for Clayton Daniels was soon held, and Molly Daniels claimed her husband had died in a fiery car accident in an effort to collect on his $110,000 life insurance policy.

Yet DNA samples collected from the charred body and Clayton Daniels' mother proved otherwise.

That led law enforcement to set up surveillance on Molly Daniels, who they observed with a new boyfriend known as "Jake." As it turned out, Jake was actually Clayton Daniels with dyed black hair.

Upon further examination, the charred body in the car was that of Charlotte Davis, an 81-year-old Burnet woman, who had been dug up from a cemetery and placed in the Daniels' car before it was set ablaze and then pushed down an embankment.

Read more about the case from this Williamson County press release.

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