Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I remain cool, always.

Alas! Although its a never ending battle I struggle to remain cool.
As an artist, as a writer, I remain convinced on a subconscious level that I must be surrounded by truly cool music so that the creativity will rub off and inspire.
Today I listen to Cat Power, Jukebox. (I love their cover of "New York" --sounds just like a piece of the soundtrack from an Andrew Vacchs novel.) Lately I've also found myself entranced by Thao Nguyen and the Get Down, Stay Down with their cheerful jaunt entitled "Swimming Pools" off of the album "We brave bee stings and all." A silly song, it's about a group of little girls who see themselves as heroic and powerful due to their escapades at the local swimming pool. --"We don't dive, we cannonball!"
Well, good for you. The world needs more people who cannonball when others would merely dive.

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