Monday, June 23, 2008

Fiction release: "Slave Pits of Bey Su."

I write fiction and non-fiction although I've had more success with the non-fiction. Nevertheless, a new short story by yours truly has just been released in "Seal of the Imperium," a relatively new Tekumel fanzine.

Tekumel is a science fantasy world developed by Professor M.A.R.Barker and first shared with the public in the classic role-playing game, "Empire of the Petal Throne." Essentially Tekumel is a lost star colony that has become trapped in a pocket dimension where the laws of physics work a bit differently than ours, enabling some humans to occasionally warp the fabric of reality, and powerful, extra-planar beings to masquerade as Gods. Set in the far future, it has been millenia since humans have come to Tekumel, and in that time they have not only forgotten their true origins, they have also lost much of their technology and developed several elaborate, hierarchical, tradition bound civilizations. On this different, yet very old, world, humans struggle not only with each other and the native life forms, but also with the descendants of countless plant and animal species from several alien worlds that came here with them,

Unlike most fantasy worlds that I've discovered, I've found that my appreciation and interest in Tekumel has grown over the years, especially as my knowledge of history, anthropology and other cultures has expanded.

It was fun using my writing skills to contribute to the Tekumel mythos and I hope to do so again some day in the future.

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