Saturday, May 24, 2008

MANswers television appearance: 1

Manswers appearance. 1

In mid-April I received an e-mail and telephone call from a production company that was making a SPIKE cable show called "MANSWERS" or "answers for men."
They wished to speak to the author Peter Huston.(I phrase it this way because for me writing is a part-time gig. I receive little fame and money from it, and therefore it always surprises me when people seek out "Peter Huston, the author." From time to time however, someone does, but it always takes me by surprise. I never think of myself as "famous," and always wonder how other people could. But then again, it's an interesting thing when people know of you by your works, rather than actual contact. If this is the medium through which fame is spread then, I am, I guess, famous.)

"Manswers" is described by its producers as "Maxim's Magazine meets Mythbusters." It airs Fridays, late at night on the SPIKE cable channel. The producers ask a wide variety of bizarre questions, find experts to answer them and then mix the results in with commentary from ordinary folks in the street and lots of hot models in skimpy outfits. The result is delightfully sleazy and a lot of fun if one is in the right frame of mind.

They asked me if I would be willing to speak on how one could sell or otherwise make money by selling a dead body, other human remains or corpse.

Curiously enough, they'd already done research on the subject. Therefore, when we spoke, therefore producer Phil Sternberg began our conversation by telling me three ways to do this.I responded by saying his ways were interesting, but offered three more in return.
He was quite impressed.
About a month later, I was flown out to Los Angeles to appear on the MANSWERS show.
They say the show should air in June.
Over the next week, I intend to share my experiences here.

Oddly enough, and this is one of those quirks that is my greatest strength and weakness, when asked a bizarre question on an odd topic I often know more than I'm supposed to know.

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