Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Manswers appearance 2: How to make money off of a dead body.

As mentioned, recently I was contacted by "Manswers," a SPIKE cable channel TV show. They wished to know how to make money off of a dead body and wanted me to share this information with their estimated two million (often inebriated) viewers.

First, why do I know this stuff?

Because, gentle-reader, that is what I do. When something is odd, unusual and often slightly disturbing, I note it, latch on to it, seek it out, probe into it, and then carry the information around in my head, occasionally turning it around trying to see what its implications are and what can be learned from it. From time to time, I regurgitate it, hopefully in a socially acceptable setting, often in print, but in this case on television. .

Secondly, more specifically, for some time now, off and on, I've been working on a fiction project that deals, in part, with the subject of grave robbing. In this proposed mystery novel, our protagonist has an eccentric pagan friend who is falsely accused of grave robbing and sets off to prove him innocent but along the line gets tangeled up with some crimes involving illegal Chinese aliens who are being exploited. Although I've set the project aside for the moment, (it hasn't quite "clicked" yet and keeps changing back and forth from first person to third person among other problems) I did do my research.

Therefore, I' ve spent a lot of time scanning news reports featuring the word "grave robbing." (This is how one does basic, superficial research in the computer agem after all.) I've also done some background reading on the subject, as well.

And now, oddly enough, I find that this information is actually of use to someone!

More later . . .

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