Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am not banned in Australia.

Some time ago, I was swapping e-mail with Marc MacYoung, the self defense author, and he told me several of his books were banned in Australia. Now I find this ridiculous as if one actually reads MacYoung's books you will learn a lot and walk away with the idea that violence is a bad thing and best avoided. (Hmmm, now what does this reall say about the Australian mentality?)

Still, as MacYoung's banned books and some of mine share the same publisher, I thought it might be cool to be banned in Australia, but it appears that I am not. (I'm about halfway down this page.)

[BTW, MacYoung and I have never met. I only know the man through his books and his e-mail list, both of which are good resources for those with an interest in self defense and violence prevention. You can check out his page, if you'd like, at

Peter Huston

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